Happisburgh Lighthouse

Today, I’m going back to 2016 to the day I got to one of the highest points and one most recognisable buildings in Norfolk.

It’s the one that Challenge’d Anneka to be repainted in its distinctive red and white hoops but in the wrong type of paint. 

I was on assignment for the Newspaper, my job was to cover a Happisburgh Lighthouse Open Day which would normally happen every month or so during the summer. 

The lighthouse is the only privately funded fully operational lighthouse in the UK. 

As a means to maintain and run the operation, the public are allowed to visit and climb the every decreasing steps to the top, to view the lantern and look out across the North Sea. 
Working for newspapers you have to get a lot done in a short amount of time, the usual pictures from people looking at stuff, people doing stuff, people with other people stuff and normally always happy stuff. 

After all that is done, I always try to get something else, on this occasion I thought a view from above the lantern and people would be nice. 

Having sought special permission I was allowed to climb a ladder to get even higher, holding on tight and a bit of contortion I got the image below. 

The Gym Norwich

Tear-sheet from the Norwich Extra of the Gym, Norwich which was shot for Archant Norfolk.

Today’s post is a super quick one from commission to publication, something as a professional photographer I have spent many years doing day in and day out.

I was asked by Archant in Norfolk to pop to The Gym in the centre of Norwich which had recently undergone a £500,000 refit and they wanted to publicise their new look. 

I was asked on the Monday to see if i was free to take pictures on the Tuesday but they needed the pictures on Wednesday for publication on Thursday.

I had about an hour or so on site, to get in, a quick tour of the facilities and work out where the best places for pictures.  I knew what I wanted and it was a case of going to the places I had marked out as getting across the new look and vast array of equipment they have.

Where there were members of the public in the shots using the facilities I let the staff ask if they were ok with being in the pictures, with everyone all saying yes. To finish off the shoot I want to get the friendly staff together before I had to dash to get the pictures out to the client for publication.

So if your business needs photography but doesn’t have much time from idea to getting the end result out in super short time, give me a call. 

Thorpe St Andrew Funeralcare

Back to 2017 today with this job from Norwich.

This job was a really nice brief from a client who wanted a set of portraits and site pictures which were used to promote the Funeral Care Homes in Norwich and Saffron Walden. 

For the site shots, internal and external shots were needed of each Funeral Care Home which didn’t take long. 

As for the portraits they took a little longer as a range of formal and informal shots were required, they asked for warm and inviting pictures of the staff but also show the serious side of the business. 

The resulting images were used for a leaflet drop which were delivered by Royal Mail, an invitation which was created celebrating the first year since Co-Op Funeralcare opened the funeral home and the invitation being re-sized as an A-board poster.

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Kerrison School

Today’s post is about retirement and closure, back in 2011 I was in Thorndon, Suffolk to meet woodwork teacher Brian Atkinson who had worked at the Kerrison School for 46 years the reason for his retirement was that the school was being closed by the local authority since it first opened after 150 years. 

As soon as I stepped into the workshop, it was like being back at school myself, taking me right back to the day when I use to woodwork at school. It looked and smelt the same, the same wooden benches, bits of wood leant against the back wall, sawdust on the floor and the slight smell of burnt wood from a sanding disc. 

For the pictures I did the usual ones of tight portraits of him upright and landscape, but gradually moving outwards to get more of him in the environment. Till I got to the one below, which shows Brian in situ of the workshop and the one which I like the most. 

The school was originally set up in 1856 by Sir Edward Kerrison as a Reformatory school as a way for young offenders as an alternative to prison. The school and grounds have now been turned into homes. 


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National Gliding Championships

Today’s post is from way back in 2008 when I got to spend a short amount time at an old WWII Airbase. 

I was there to photograph the National Open Gliding competition which was being held at Tibenham Airfield, Norfolk. 

I only had about half an hour there so didn’t have the time to get much more than a few pictures, so I decided to concentrate on one person. 

I found the pilot John Williams who had traveled all the way down from the Scottish Gliding Centre with his Antares Electric Glider.

I shot a few different images of him, some inside and some outside, but this is the one I like the most of him planning his flight plan before take-off. Using a wide angle lens with some flash the to side to up the contrast and combat the overhead sun. Resulting in a nice simple portrait with minimum fuss. 

National Open Gliding Championships 2008 at Tibenham Airfield Norfolk, England.

Socius Restaurant Pre Launch

Just as we got into February I was asked by the EDP Norfolk magazine to pop over to Bunrham Market in Norfolk to get some shots a new restaurant that was due to open by the end of the month.

It was still pretty much a building site with lots of work to do inside the premises. My brief was to photograph the in progress stuff then to get some shots of the owners.

The inside was easy enough using my Nikon D500 with a wide zoom and a standard zoom outside on a tripod to get the best quality possible by allowing me to look and really think about the whole picture framing.

As for the picture of the owners, this was to be done inside and out. Using a Bowens XMT500 with a Octa box, which creates great natural lighting placed on a stand inside on the upper mezzanine floor. With me hanging over the end with the rest of the restaurant below. It made for simple and quick pictures that capture the progress of the build and how it will all look. 

After this we had to get a different shot outside which was due to be used online in the Eastern Daily Press/Evening News website almost as quick as it was shot. Straightforward enough on a normal day, but when it’s winter in North Norfolk with the threat of snow, things were a bit different. Still using the Bowens with Octa Box, we stepped outside with a bracing North Sea breeze and a few flakes of snow in the air, we had to be quick. Flash to one side shot on the long end to zoom. Moving from landscape to portrait framing I think we were all done in about 5 mins. 

The Dog Backpacker

A few weeks back when it wasn’t raining, grey and dull in East Anglia, I was asked to pop down to Santon Downham to meet Paul Norris and his lovely dog Milly in Norfolk. It was a beautiful bright day with frost the night before which made for a lovely way to start the year. 

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but canoes and paddle boards wasn’t it. Paul’s idea was to take me out in a canoe for a quick trip down the river with Milly as well. I’m not happiest on a boat, especially one that rocks around as much as a Canadian-type canoe, but I was reassured it was safe. All went well with a quick ten minute trip up and down the river with me at the front with Paul and Milly just loving the early morning boat ride. I was pretty much stuck in one place but with some flash to the side and the widest lens I had all made for some lovely atmospheric pics on the water. 

So back to dry land and then Paul wanted to take Milly back onto the river but this time on a paddle board. “She’s used to it” I was told, and true to his word she happily sat with Paul whilst he took the bright yellow board for another trip down the river and back. This time I was firmly on dry land taking pics from the bridge and he made his way back to me. 

There were a few twitchers around who were on the lookout for a rare parrot crossbill, which had made its way to Thetford Forest, but I don’t think they’ve ever see a man in near sub-zero temperatures floating down The Little Ouse with a dog on a paddle board.

Here’s a link to the Bury Free Press’ article on the Dog Backpacker https://www.buryfreepress.co.uk/news/business/new-company-the-dog-backpacker-launches-outdoor-adventure-with-your-dog-in-suffolk-and-norfolk-1-8320195