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Socius Pre Launch

Just as we got into February I was asked by the EDP Norfolk magazine to pop over to Bunrham Market in Norfolk to get some shots a new restaurant that was due to open by the end of the month.

It was still pretty much a building site with lots of work to do inside the premises. My brief was to photograph the in progress stuff then to get some shots of the owners.

The inside was easy enough using my Nikon D500 with a wide zoom and a standard zoom outside on a tripod to get the best quality possible by allowing me to look and really think about the whole picture framing.

As for the picture of the owners, this was to be done inside and out. Using a Bowens XMT500 with a Octa box, which creates great natural lighting placed on a stand inside on the upper mezzanine floor. With me hanging over the end with the rest of the restaurant below. It made for simple and quick pictures that capture the progress of the build and how it will all look. 

After this we had to get a different shot outside which was due to be used online in the Eastern Daily Press/Evening News website almost as quick as it was shot. Straightforward enough on a normal day, but when it's winter in North Norfolk with the threat of snow, things were a bit different. Still using the Bowens with Octa Box, we stepped outside with a bracing North Sea breeze and a few flakes of snow in the air, we had to be quick. Flash to one side shot on the long end to zoom. Moving from landscape to portrait framing I think we were all done in about 5 mins. 

Emma Bridgewater at Break in Holt

Just before Christmas I was asked by the EDP Norfolk magazine to pop over to Holt to photograph designer Emma Bridgewater at the Break charity shop in Holt as part of the launch of the GoGo Hares 2018 charity art trail in Norwich.

Like most jobs I didn't really know what to expect when you get there, but going on previous visits to small shops the lighting wouldn't be great and never ideal. Also as it was dark and wet outside with most of it was done inside the store.

The part of the launch I was involved in with was the GoGo Hares mugs that have been designed by Emma Bridgewater to be sold in all of the Break Charity shops across Norfolk and beyond. 

 I got there a little early, as it's always best to get there a little early so to scout out the venue and to get ideas of what would work for pictures and what wouldn't. Just as I was running through some ideas in my head, Emma arrived and it was straight down to taking pictures. 

 Emma was easy and a delight to work with and was up for all the ideas I had. The first being to get her placing a mug in the front window display. I was on the outside looking in with an assistant holding a small flash just inside and across from her. This worked very well and only took about 10minutes to do with some fine tuning as we went along. 

The second picture was of Emma looking through a glass display cabinet with some mugs in situ. I had brought along a Bowens battery powered studio flash which has got loads more power that my little flash. With this and a big soft box placed to the side, again a nice simple ides that didn't take much effort to get. 

The final image was of Emma browsing through the shop itself more natural but still looking at the camera. This was also lit to give a lift to the lighting that was in the shop but still trying to maintain a natural look. 

Overall I really enjoyed the commission, and the pictures I think look lovely, with 4 pages in the EDP Norfolk Magazine, it's been a great way to raise awareness of what Break and Emma Bridgewater do. 

The Dog Backpacker

A few weeks back when it wasn't raining, grey and dull in East Anglia, I was asked to pop down to Santon Downham to meet Paul Norris and his lovely dog Milly in Norfolk. It was a beautiful bright day with frost the night before which made for a lovely way to start the year.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but canoes and paddle boards wasn't it. Paul's idea was to take me out in a canoe for a quick trip down the river with Milly as well. I'm not happiest on a boat, especially one that rocks around as much as a Canadian-type canoe, but I was reassured it was safe. All went well with a quick ten minute trip up and down the river with me at the front with Paul and Milly just loving the early morning boat ride. I was pretty much stuck in one place but with some flash to the side and the widest lens I had all made for some lovely atmospheric pics on the water.

So back to dry land and then Paul wanted to take Milly back onto the river but this time on a paddle board. "She's used to it" I was told, and true to his word she happily sat with Paul whilst he took the bright yellow board for another trip down the river and back. This time I was firmly on dry land taking pics from the bridge and he made his way back to me.

Santon Downham, Suffolk. The Dog Backpacker is all about experiencing the outdoors with your dog and staying fit and healthy. Pictured is Paul Norris with his dog Milly. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE PHOTOGRAPHY

There were a few twitchers around who were on the lookout for a rare parrot crossbill, which had made its way to Thetford Forest, but I don't think they've ever see a man in near sub-zero temperatures floating down The Little Ouse with a dog on a paddle board.

Here's a link to the Bury Free Press' article on the Dog Backpacker